Replacement, reduction, refinement Certification

Specialists will aid your company in our 3Rs certification (a certification speaking to your company's focus on the reduction, refinement, and replacement of bioassays). Our program was developed in collaboration with corporations and regulatory bodies interested in steering 3Rs standards.

Our 3Rs certification is used for multiple purposes:

  • Our certification program allows companies to have a concrete answer for questions raised by company stakeholders. It also allows a company to steer their research program in terms of corporate governance standards.
  • Our certification can also be used in direct response to a shareholder resolution raised by a either an animal rights group or by a concerned shareholder. A concrete certification by our third-party system allows those shareholders to receive a more objective answer that is backed up by an outside reference.
  • Our certification can also be used in advertising material to establish your company as forward-looking and proactive with respect to animal welfare issues.