How will working with RCB increase regulatory testing efficiency?

Working with RCB has several benefits when it comes to regulatory testing. We have noticed that the benefits may vary slightly depending on whether your company is large or small.

First, scientists at RCB have been working in regulatory testing for more than a decade. We have focused on nanomaterials testing since the time when regulatory agencies first started looking into it and gathering ad hoc committees and inviting us to large problem-solving conferences. For nanomaterials testing, this is hugely advantageous--we understand how the regulators have approached nanomaterials and what their true concerns or issues are. We also have relationships with these regulators worldwide and can get fast, efficient answers specific to your product(s).

One of the simple benefits of working with RCB is that RCB is the entity that pushes regulators for specific answers rather than a representative of your company. This protects your company's relationship with regulators and also saves your company valuable time.

Next, for smaller companies unfamiliar with international testing requirements or for larger companies that prefer to outsource to us, we organize all testing requirements into one focused plan. Not only do we prepare this plan, but we ensure that it can be executed in the most efficient manner, without redundancy/wasted tests. We also check for animal-saving measures and ensure that these measures are acceptable at each of the regulators involved.

At each step, as you plan, prepare for, and conduct required regulatory testing, we have cost- and time-saving methods to aid your company.

Samantha Dozier