Can RCB help our company (or research lab) publish in peer-reviewed journals?

Yes, our scientific writing and editing services handle all of our clients' scientific publication needs. Our scientists earned their PhDs in various biological and nanotechnology-based specialties, allowing us to work in pharma, chemical, and nanotechnology sectors. Our work often involves development editing, scientific editing, and copyediting.

Here are some of the scenarios RCB's scientific writing and editing services have helped with:

(1) A busy lab with more data than time. We see this situation in both very large and fairly small labs. Developing, writing, and formatting a manuscript takes time away from experiments and grant proposals and it is often hard to allocate time for manuscripts. We often work from rough drafts and polish, edit, and format them to meet journal specifications, ensuring that hypotheses are substantiated, the introduction is clear and provides proper background, and the data and implications are explained clearly.

(2) A lab struggling to have its manuscripts published despite having solid data. We help make the data clear and accessible and can even suggest a journal that would be relevant and impactful to which to submit data.

(3) A lab located outside of the US (we have worked with labs in Europe, Asia, India, and South America) that struggles to convey its findings in English. Or, has been told by the journal that the syntax is not quite right. We ensure correct syntax and native sentence structure while formatting the manuscript so that it is ready for publication.

(4) We work with companies that prefer to outsource the writing or editing of its internal documents -- policies, manuals, and white papers.

(5) We polish grant proposals and help increase lab funding. Our work has proven to increase the funding received compared years when our expertise was not sought.

Our expertise has proven to increase the efficiency of publishing in peer-reviewed journals and aids labs in securing funding. Our fees are competitive. Please contact us for a quote.

Samantha Dozier